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B.A. in Psychology with Specialization in Counseling

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Specialization in Counseling

The Specialization in Counseling is designed to allow psychology majors to acquire knowledge on how to approach both a future graduate education and a career in the mental health field. The concentration includes four counseling courses that are at the graduate level. If the student chooses to pursue a degree in the Masters Graduate Counseling program at Texas Wesleyan University, they can waive these courses. This would result in a 12 credit hour reduction for the requirements of the graduate degree. Graduate degrees that these courses apply to include: Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, Master of Science in School Counseling, and Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. If the student does not complete all 12 hours for the specialization, all courses that have been completed will be counted as electives.

Specialization Requirements

Take the following courses*:


COU 6304Multicult/Cross-Cultural Counseling3 Credits
COU 6309Ethical & Prof Conduct for Counselors3 Credits
COU 6311Marriage & Family Counseling3 Credits
COU 6313Counseling Children & Adolescents3 Credits

*Student must have obtained early graduate admissions to the Graduate Counseling Program and be senior status prior to taking these courses.

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