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Religion Scholarships

Small Classes, Big Scholarships

Our religion majors and minors benefit from significant scholarship opportunities, with amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars to a full ride:

Templeton Scholarships for Religion Majors and Minors

The goal of the Templeton Fund is to provide financial resources for students whose specific vocational aspirations include mindful service and ministry to others. Available to students majoring in Religion or minoring in Interfaith Leadership, Christian Studies or Religion.

Amounts have been significant and are likely to be renewed but could change over time based upon the continuance of the fund and also the number of Religion majors and minors.

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Braswell Award

For a worthy religion major or minor, with a financial need, chosen by the faculty.

Olney Award

For full-time student in good academic standing, studying religion, intent on a career in the United Methodist Church, who demonstrates financial need and is making normal progress toward graduation. Chosen by the faculty.

Jack and Jo Willa Morton Scholarship

Students must be studying for the ministry or associated careers in the ministry and demonstrate financial need. Full-time students only. Chosen by faculty. 

Mollie Jarrell Phillips Endowed Scholarship

For deserving students, preferably those from the Methodist Texas Conference area and preparing themselves for ministerial service.

Larry Bishop Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for worthy students in religion who are preparing to enter the ministry

Talk to Dr. Christopher Ohan at 817-531-4913 or or any of our religion faculty to find out more.