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Art Minors

Learn to think like an artist. With Texas Wesleyan's art minor programs, you'll learn the history, techniques and theory behind art — and how to create it. The benefits of an art minor go beyond the studio — you'll also gain critical thinking skills to find creative solutions to use in your degree, career and community. 

It's more than just paintings on the wall — it's cinematography, performance art, architecture and more. Dive deeper into the history and culture of art with the Visual Arts minor, or learn how to create arts in different mediums to tell a story with the Studio Arts minor.


The visual arts minor teaches you the meaning behind the art. You'll learn how to understand the role that art plays in history and culture, and how art shapes our society today. The minor is 18 hours of coursework that includes traditional art and architectural history, photography, film and cartography.

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In the Studio Arts minor, you'll learn about photography, digital design, drawing and more. You'll get the opportunity to create your own art in different mediums and have it displayed in exhibits across campus. The minor includes 18 hours of hands-on learning from expert professors.

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Arts Minor Templeton Scholarship

If you are interested in either the Visual or Studio Arts minor, apply for an Arts Minor Templeton Scholarship today! Students who meet the following criteria are elgible for up to $1,000 a year award, not to go beyond their financial aid package, as long as the student is enrolled in a course that satisfies their chosen minor.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Completion of ART 2312 - Introduction to Visual Arts, with a grade of "C" or better.

2. GPA of 2.75 after the completion of ART 2312.

3. Declare an Art Visual or Studio minor.

Art Minor Scholarship