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Nearly half of TXWES online MBA grads finished in just one year

04.29.2020 | By:
Texas Wesleyan MBA Program

At Texas Wesleyan, students can graduate with their MBA in as little as 12 months, 100% online. And many have been doing just that.

According to data compiled by the Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration, nearly half—46%— of all TXWES online MBA graduates finished their degree in one year. Another 27% finished in 15 months, 26% in 18 months.

“We take pride in the flexibility that our 100% online MBA offers,” Sameer Vaidya, interim dean of the School of Business Administration, said. “With four concentrations and multiple degree plans for each, students can keep their current job, while working toward the next one. We’re confident that our students are getting the most out of their education.”

Texas Wesleyan offers concentrations in: 

  • Business Administration – 100% online
  • Healthcare Administration – 100% online
  • Supply Chain Management – 100% online
  • Accounting – Hybrid

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