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The top 8 reasons to get your MBA

10.20.2015 | By:
Invest in your future with an MBA from Texas Wesleyan. These eight reasons explain why you should enroll today.

Getting your MBA requires commitment. And not just a commitment of your time and money, but of the successful future of your career. Although your education is an investment, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

If you can’t decide whether you’d like to return to school for your master of business administration, consider these reasons:

1. To Specialize

When you were working toward your undergraduate degree, you most likely took some specialized classes, but mostly focused on the basics and ethics of business. As you work toward your MBA, you will take classes that will specifically help you fill an executive-level role and allow you to focus on specific areas of business. Developing leadership skills and having a niche are both things that will one day make you indispensable to a company.

2.  To Grow Your Network

College campuses are a great way to meet new, influential people. While undergraduate classes include students of all majors, your MBA classes will be filled with like-minded people who have similar goals and experience. The woman or man sitting next to you in class could one day refer your biggest client to you.

3.  To Better Prepare You For the Business World

Even if you’ve been working in business for a few years now, you won’t get to the top tier of management without the proper degree. And you can’t get the proper degree without the proper training. The experience and skills that you will gain during your MBA studies will put you on the fast track to leadership.

4.  More Job Prospects

Some companies won’t even consider you unless you’ve earned your MBA. Being able to list this degree on your resume ensures more interviews and more opportunities.

5.  Higher Salary

It’s true. The higher the education, the higher the salary.

6.  You Have Time to Reflect

Working in business in this day and age is exhausting. You spend much more than 40 hours at the office and are on call at all times. Too often, companies fail to come up with new and innovative ideas because they are simply trying to keep up with the work they already have. Taking some time out to focus on school will give you a moment to stop fighting to keep your head above water and reflect on how far your career has come, and where it is going.

7.  You Learn How to Manage People

Unfortunately, group projects don’t go away just because you’re in school for your MBA. However, these opportunities are a great way to improve your management skills. Coordinating a group to complete a task such as a business school project is great real-life experience.

8.  To Practice Public Speaking

Everyone can benefit from more public speaking skills whether they are the owner of a small business or president of the United States. The presentations you make while working toward your MBA are terrific practice for future board room meetings.

Are you ready to make the commitment to earn your MBA? Contact our graduate admissions counselor to find out more information about earning your MBA degree from Texas Wesleyan.