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What happens after I get my MBA online?

10.19.2018 | By:
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Don’t ask what you can do for an online MBA. Ask what an online MBA can do for you.

When it comes to getting a graduate degree, there’s only one thing that matters – will it help me go where I want to go?

Here are a few facts: With all other things being equal, MBA graduates simply make more money than students with a bachelor’s degree. Estimates range anywhere between $25,000 to $45,000 more for MBA grads. Go ahead and let that sink in. We’ll wait.

Crazy, right? The truth is an MBA gives you three career options you might not have otherwise:

1. Get promoted

Do you love your company? Does your company love you, too? Then let’s get a piece of paper to make it official. Getting an online MBA gives you the opportunity to grow with your company and to contribute something valuable to it.

Oftentimes, companies are strategic partners with universities, which means you can also receive a tuition reduction from your company. Texas Wesleyan often offers tuition reduction up to 15 percent for its partners.

Don’t love your company, then …

2. Get a new job

Then it’s time to get out of there. An online MBA gives you the opportunity to pursue a higher-paying opportunity somewhere else. There’s nothing quite like walking out the door and in to something much, much better.

An MBA makes you more attractive to potential employers and also increases your potential for upward mobility when you’re looking for new career opportunities.

3. Get entrepreneurial

The ultimate dream for many businesspeople is to build their own company. An online MBA gives you the skillset to handle everything from product pricing to strategy to accounting and finance. Plus, thanks to real-world projects, you can get started on your idea early. Countless companies have been launched from MBA projects.

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