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Why we made our online MBA 'Smaller. Smarter.'

12.08.2017 | By:
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We just couldn’t help ourselves. One-on-one attention is what we do best – even online.

We all know big classes are no good, but have you ever thought about online class size? Experts think you should.

Average online class sizes at public universities can go as high as 150. With that many people, courses often feel disorganized and unfocused – less MBA and more madhouse.

Instead of using online education as a chance to do something innovative, big schools have taken all the worst parts of the lecture hall and put it online. Large, public universities are just doing education one way – huuuuuge.

And class sizes are only getting bigger. It’s like buying a car with four people already sitting in it. Where did all these people come from?

An article by U.S. News & World Report called “Experts Say Class Size Can Matter for Online Students” said, “With smaller class sizes, students feel more engaged with the material and more connected to their professor and fellow students.”

That’s exactly what Texas Wesleyan does on its campus, and we’ve used the same philosophy to build our online MBA program.

Our MBA program is 30 hours long and you can finish it in as little as a year. Plus, if you qualify to have the GMAT waived, you can get started sooner – and get on to the next step in your career. We have concentrations in healthcare administration, business and supply chain management.

Texas Wesleyan’s online MBA has small classes which allow our professors to do online education right. By focusing on the quality of education you get, we’re able to measure our success not by size, but by success.

The small class size empowers our professors to work closely with students. That’s important in an MBA program, where courses cover complex topics. There’s no letter grade in the real world. You either get it right or you don’t.

In an online class, it’s much easier to get lost in the crowd. Get your degree online from a small school with small class sizes.

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