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Business students launch critical thinking project with RadioShack

09.24.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
International Management students embark on project with RadioShack Corp.

Students taking International Management with Rod Erakovich, Ph.D., this fall will be participating in a real world, problem-solving project with RadioShack Corporation.

Students will be developing analysis and considerations for RadioShack to enter the Eastern Europe and Balkans franchise markets. The class met with RadioShack’s Benjamin Simon, senior director international franchise and Martin Amschler, senior vice president of franchise last week for a briefing on the project.

"International expansion is an important area of development for many companies, and we have a significant international footprint and an award winning operational team here at RadioShack," said Amschler. "We are very excited to engage with Texas Wesleyan students and help them develop their international management skills as well as tap into smart, enthusiastic talent."

The project, in its second year, allows business administration students the opportunity to engage in strategic planning and critical thinking with a global company, and make an impact in their decision-making process.

"This is an enormous learning opportunity for our students," Dr. Erakovich said. "They get to present to leaders in the global retail industry and engage with them in discussions about real global issues that are impacting business decisions today. We’re very grateful to RadioShack for engaging with our students."

RadioShack executives Simon and Amschler will work with the students throughout the semester, and students will present their final report at the end of term. 

"Working with students is an important way we can give back to our community," Amschler said.

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