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Jessie Lueck tells it like it is

03.16.2018 | By:
Presenter Jessie Lueck

The Degree Project, one of the projects sposored by ENACTUS, hosted a workshop inside the School of Business Thursday evening, March 1. Jessie Lueck, a creative recruiter for Hallmark Cards, Inc., spoke to a classroom full of Wesleyan students about different tips and techniques on how to stand out upon graduating and entering the work force.

During the presentation, Lueck gave students the truth about what recruiters are looking for during an interview. One of the first remarks is how important it is to have a solid resume.‌

"This first thing that we are going to see that is attached to your name," she said. “I would say to focus the things that are relevant, try to mirror the language of the business and job description. Narrow things down that do not matter. Also, as recruiter I know when you are using the same blanket template each time. Cater each resume to different job applications, it really does you a great service to this."

According to Lueck, the best anyone can do is just be themselves.

"Just be your authentic, genuine self," she said. "Show you really want to be there and be grateful for the opportunity. The answers you give and the questions you ask tell us what type of person you are. Keep in mind that having confidence is good, but don’t come off as standoffish and cocky. Often how you say something is going to come off louder than what you are saying."

Junior business management major Nikita Dhoubhadel was very appreciative listening to Jessie Lueck give students an inside look on what job recruiters look for in candidates.

"I really enjoyed her," she said. "I actually attended a previous workshop in Austin, so it felt kind of like a refresher. Last time, the idea of interviewing and looking at different jobs options were not on my mind and now they are. Some of the things I heard today I can apply to my everyday life, like applying to graduate school."

Lueck was welcomed back the following day as Wesleyan’s keynote speaker for the Women in Leadership Forum.

Jesse Lueck Presentation

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