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Students receive Quickbooks certification

11.14.2019 | By:

Are you thinking about a career in accounting or finance? Have you thought about becoming QuickBooks certified?

The QuickBooks certification is awarded to students who pass the online multiple-choice exam, which focuses on demonstrating skills in the areas of bookkeeping, while focusing on how to create purchase orders, track sales and expenses and monitor financial records.

Not only does this certification look outstanding on your resume, but “will help students learn their jobs quickly and easily”, says Shu Chen, one of the students who passed the QuickBooks exam last fall.

Being QuickBooks certified has also helped thousands of students reach their dream job, and according to Stuart Tennyson, a senior accounting major who also passed the exam, “it is a very useful tool whether you are searching for a career in a small or large business.”

Not only can this certification help get your foot in the door, but if you are thinking about owning your own company, this is one of the essential tools you will need to assure that your company will run smoothly.

For more information contact Dr. Albritton at to jumpstart your knowledge in bookkeeping!

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