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Get your MBA 100% online
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Degree Plan

The key to graduating sooner is to stay on track. Keep an eye on your degree plan and make sure you're taking the right classes to meet your requirements. Download your degree plan today.

Year 1

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
ENG 1301 Composition & Rhetoric 3
MAT 1302 College Algebra & Lab 3
ACC 2303 Financial Accounting 3
ASE 1111 Freshman Success Experience 1
BUA 2310 Advanced Business Applications 3
EXS 1220 Basic Concepts of Wellness 2

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
ENG 1302 Composition 2 3
SPC 1301 Fundamentals of Speech
MAT 1310 Business & Econ Analysis 3
Lab Science 4
ACC 2304 Managerial Accounting 3
Year 2

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
HIS 2324  Fundamentals of Modern American History 3  
BUA 2321 Business Statistics 3  
ECO 2305 Principles of Economics I 3
ACC 3311 Inter Accounting I 3
ACC 3325 Acct Fin Info System 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
Cultural Literacy - Fine Arts 3
ECO 2306 Principles of Economics II 3
HUM 23XX 3
ACC 4328 Auditing 3
ACC 3312 Inter Accounting II 3
Year 3

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
MGT 3319 Management Theory & Practice 3
FIN 3313 Corporate Finance 3
ACC 4336 Ethics & Profession in Accounting 3
ACC 4301 Fed Income Tax 3
Social Literacy 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
MKT 3321 Principles of Marketing 3
MGT 3323 Production & Operations Management 3
ENG 23XX 3
ACC 4307 Accounting Theory 3
ACC 3340 Cost Accounting 3
Year 4

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
Social Literacy 3
BUA 3305 MIS Analysis & Design 3  
ACC 4332 Introduction to Fraud Examination 3
ACC 4333 Forensic Fraud IT Audit 3
Cultural Literacy - Religion 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
BUA 3311 Business Law 3  
MGT 4337 Business Policy & Decision Making  3
BUA 3345 International Business 3
ACC 4334 The Legal Environment & Fraud 3
ACC 4335 Forensic/Fraud Practicum 3

Total Credit Hours: 120

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This is an example degree plan meant to guide you while you're planning your course schedule each semester. This is not an inflexible schedule that you have to follow exactly.


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