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Careers in Business

As a general business major, you'll cover foundational business principles and study different areas of the industry. When you graduate, you'll be ready to take on many different job titles, including the ones you see below.

Get a job in finance & accounting

To be an accountant, you need an understanding of foreign exchange rates, inflation rates contrasting tax systems and language. After graduation, you'll be ready to take on tasks in international business such as auditing, financial accounting and managerial accounting. You could land a job in any of the following positions.

Tax Accountant Auditor
Information Systems Financial Advisor
General Accountant Financial Analyst
Financial Planning Real Estate Broker
Investment Broker Actuary
Banking Officer  

Get a job in marketing & sales

With your degree in general business, you're ready to be a product manager, international advertiser and more. As a product manager, you could be overseeing product development, system distribution or price setting. As an advertiser, you'd be responsible for promoting programs and products to local markets and overseas.

Marketing Manager Advertising Manager
Distribution Manager Producer
Marketing Analyst Account Executive
Product Manager Graphic Designer

Become a manager

As a manager, you'll hire, train, compensate, motivate, evaluate and promote employees. In this position, you'll need to have an understanding of other cultures and businesses.

As a strategic planner, you could put together the company's long-run strategic objectives and plans. Strategic planners need to have an understanding of international economies and markets.

General Manager Human Resources Manager
Office Systems Manager Operations Manager