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GPNA Faculty & Staff

Have a question about your class or the curriculum? Your professors are experts in their field and have the degrees to prove it. Contact your professor today and get the answers you need.

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Kenneth Boyd
IT Academic Services | Media and Classroom Technologist | 817-531-5856 | Nurse Anesthesia Building 117
Terri Kane is a professor of nurse anesthesia at Texas Wesleyan University
Nurse Anesthesia | Program Director/Professor | 817-531-4406 | Nurse Anesthesia Building 103
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Tommie Kates
Nurse Anesthesia | Coordinator of GPNA | 817-531-4279 | Baker-Martin House Room 201
Headshot of Brian Koonce
Nurse Anesthesia | Director, Simulation Center/Assistant Professor | 817-531-7525 | Nurse Anesthesia Building 124
Tammy Titlow, Academic Credit Evaluator/Catalog Editor, Staff Photo 2017
Tammy Titlow
Family Nurse Practitioner | Administrative Assistant | 817-531-4470 | Office of the Provost
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James Schmidt, Ph.D.
Nurse Anesthesia | Professor of Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology | 817-531-4429 | Nurse Anesthesia Building 105
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Dale Telgenhoff, Ph.D.
Nurse Anesthesia | Adjunct Professor of Nurse Anethesia | 817-531-4406 | Nurse Anesthesia Building
Tito Tubog is the director of the master of science in nurse anesthesia program at Texas Wesleayn University
Nurse Anesthesia | Associate Program Director/Associate Professor | 817-531-4406 | Baker-Martin House
Headshot of Scott Schaffer
Scott Shaffer DNAP, CRNA
Nurse Anesthesia | Assistant Professor | 817-531-4880 | Nurse Anesthesia Building 111
Headshot of Nate Stortroen
Nathan Stortroen DNP, CRNA
Nurse Anesthesia | Director, Clinical Education, Assistant Professor | 817-531-4406 | Nurse Anesthesia Building 104