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School of Health Professions gives back to the community with school drive

09.12.2017 | By:

The Texas Wesleyan University School of Health Professions (SoHP) not only paves the way for their GPNA and counseling students to help others in healthcare situations, but also in the classroom. The School of Health Professions has partnered with West Handley Elementary School for the first “SoHP School Drive.” 

"Our interest in West Handley Elementary began as a desire to give back to a school in our community," Terri Kane, associate director of clinical education, said. "The idea started as a uniform drive, but expanded to include backpacks and detergent as well." 

After collecting items throughout the summer, the SoHP was privileged to deliver more than 60 sets of uniforms, 20 backpacks and several gallons of detergent to the elementary school. 

Future volunteer opportunities hope to include reading projects, counseling opportunities, mentoring, and any other care the children may need. 

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in volunteering or would like more information about this project, contact Terri Kane at