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Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program

Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program

The Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program takes Smaller. Smarter. even further. The program offers challenging and thought-provoking educational experiences to academically curious and motivated students. Qualified students get the opportunity to engage in innovative and interdisciplinary and unique co-curricular courses, and collaborate in experiential learning. The program provides various opportunities that help to expand students' worldview while honing life skills to prepare them as leaders, continuous learners and researchers.

Student success is our goal at the Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program. Hence, we provide opportunities at both the University and Department levels. 


About Honors

University Honors students participate in small seminar classes taught by outstanding scholars in their fields as they integrate honors classes in their majors for a unique program that emphasizes thinking, writing, research and experiential learning.

Learn more about University Honors

Departmental Honors students work with a professor in their major on a research project to expand their knowledge and enhance their resume.

More about Departmental Honors

Why Honors? Because we are all in! Here are some of the benefits that Honors students can enjoy.

  • Build a community of friends with fellow Honors students
  • Gain critical thinking expertise through customized interdisciplinary courses
  • Ask hard questions and engage in respectful discourse
  • Develop leadership skills and act as ambassadors for learning on campus
  • Present at University College Day and at external conferences
  • Represent your Honors program by letting your light shine academically in all of your classes as an engaged student
  • Serve your campus and community with integrity and empathy
  • Enjoy advising and mentoring from Honors faculty across the disciplines
  • Earn scholarship opportunities offered only to Honors students
  • Be awarded free books for University Honors seminars
  • Earn distinction within your major conducting research and growing as a scholar
  • Spend time with your cohort and Honors colleagues in the Honors Lounge
  • Live in a designated dorm space
  • Honor your family and your favorite professor at a special event for Honors graduates
  • Distinguish yourself at Robing and Graduation while showcasing your Honors regalia
  • Earn Honors seals on your diploma after completing either University Honors, Departmental Honors or both
The logo for the National Collegiate Honors Council

National Collegiate Honors Council

The Wesleyan Scholars Honor Program is a registered member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.