Honors Program

Mission statement:
The mission of the Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program is to provide motivated students the opportunity to enrich their university experience, to recognize outstanding academic work beyond degree requirements, to provide a forum for student-student and student-faculty exchange of ideas, to celebrate opportunities for conversations across discipline boundaries, and to affirm the University as a place of informed and reasoned dialogue.   Logo updated in fall of 2013.


The Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program supports the University mission because, through both the University Honors Program seminar sequence and Departmental Honors programs, students are given personal attention and are given "the freedom to pursue independent thought and exercise intellectual curiosity."

The honors program also creates a unique learning environment within the larger institution so that students are encouraged to "pursue individual excellence," and "to think clearly and creatively." The interdisciplinary nature of the University Honors Program also supports the liberal arts foundation of the University.

Students who qualify for this program will:

Participate in either or both University Honors (as a University Scholar) or Departmental Honors (as a Wesleyan Scholar).

  1. University Scholars will participate in small seminar classes taught by outstanding scholars in their fields.
  2. Wesleyan Scholars will work individually with a professor in their major field to develop a research project that will expand knowledge in their area of interest.

Upon successful completion of either or both programs the student will receive Honors recognition on their diplomas.

Perks for Honors students:

  1. Study lounge in the library only for honors students
  2. Books for all seminars provided
  3. Public presentation of research at University College Day for Departmental Honors student

University Scholars

The University Honors Program (University Scholars) consists of four (4) three credit-hour honors seminars. Honors courses satisfy General Education Curriculum requirements.

All courses for 2014 and 2015 meet the Social Literacy competencies. 

Fall 2014

WSP 2304 Business and Human Rights
Instructor: Kevin McGarry

WSP 2305 The Science of Cooking
Instructors: Benjamin Miller and Christopher Parker

Spring 2015

WSP 2304 Predators and Prey: Human and Horse Relationships, What Horses Tell us About Ourselves
Instructor: John Hall

WSP 2304 Soccer Explains the World
Instructor: Trevor Morris

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