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Vision, Mission, Values and Pillars


To build a prestigious program that creates growth opportunities, builds curiosity and impacts qualifying students.


The mission of the Wesleyan Scholars Program is to provide motivated students the opportunity to enrich their university experience beyond their degree requirements through outstanding academic achievement, opportunities for student-student, student-faculty and student-global community research and exchange of ideas, and to affirm the University as a place for critical reasoning and logical decision-making.


  • We believe community creates long-lasting connections and a sense of belonging.
  • We value and encourage student and faculty collaboration to grow a community of learners.
  • We value student-to-student support and invest in a together growth mindset.
  • The program and the students make their colleagues better.
  • The program values quality, high standards and effectiveness.
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • The program and the students recognize and value diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and offer all qualifying students the opportunity to benefit from the program.
  • Students yearn for and engage in rewarding work that focuses on improving their critical thinking skills.


Interdisciplinary and Co-curricula courses
  • Students will take outstanding courses that are intentionally small for high impact, following the values of Texas Wesleyan University.
Experiential Learning
  • Students not only engage in theories, but are equipped with practical and applied experiences.
Research Opportunities
  • Students demonstrate consistency and growth with research initiation, writing and presentation skills.
Service and Leadership
  • Through service to the community, students will build leadership skills and be well-grounded individuals.
Collaboration and Networking
  • With authenticity and respect, students will effectively build relationships that challenge their individual and academic growth.