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Grade Policy

A grade is assigned for each course in which a student is regularly enrolled. A passing grade may be earned only if the student is enrolled for the duration of the course. The following grades are used by Texas Wesleyan University:

Grade Description Grade Points
A Excellent 4.0
B Above Average 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Below Average 1.0
F Failing 0.0
P Passing *
WF Withdrawal Failing 0.0

* Notes grades that are not counted in calculating your grade point average (GPA)

The following may appear on the transcript in place of a grade but are not included in the GPA calculation:

Acronym Description
AU Audit
CIP Course in Progress*
CR Credit*
DP Dropped*
I Incomplete*
NR No Grade Reported*
T Temporary*
W Withdrawal*

* Notes grades that are not counted in calculating your grade point average (GPA)

The grade “I” (incomplete) is given only when the student's work is satisfactory but, for reasons beyond the control of the student, has not been completed. Both students and instructors should note that an “I” is not given in lieu of an “F” (failing). It is the responsibility of the student to confer with the instructor of the course and to complete the prescribed requirements of the course by the designated date shown in the University Academic Calendar. For each “I” assigned, the instructor will file an Incomplete Grade Form with the Office of Student Records. On or before the designated date, the instructor will assign a grade and report it to the Office of Student Records. If a new grade is not reported by the designated date, the “I” will automatically convert to an “F.” Once an “F” is given, it cannot be changed without repeating the course in which it was given. No grade changes may be made after one (1) year from the time the grade was originally issued. This limit also applies to grades issued following completion of an “incomplete” (I) grade.

MBA Online students must complete and remove the Incomplete grade by the end of the next 7-week “session.”