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Withdrawal Policy

A student wishing to withdraw from all classes must formally withdraw from the University by completing the withdrawal form available in the Office of Student Records. This form must be signed by the Director of Financial Aid, Cashier and the University Registrar. For the withdrawal to be complete, the form must be returned to the Office of Student Records along with the student’s identification card. 

*MBA Online students may withdraw from the University without approval, but they must notify the Office of Students when doing so.

A student who withdraws from the University after the last day to drop a course as specified in the University Academic Calendar or who withdraws without following the official procedure will be given the grade of "F" in all courses. A student who withdraws from the University is still obligated to pay the tuition and fees incurred at the time of registration

A student may be dropped from the University when her/his instructors and the dean of her/his school determine that the student is not achieving passing grades in the academic work or for other sufficient causes, including but not limited to poor class attendance, failing to meet program or University ethical, integrity, or other standards.

For the complete withdrawal policy, refer to the University Catalog.