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Summer reading clinic brings school children to Texas Wesleyan campus

07.30.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Every summer, the Master of Education department hosts a summer reading clinic in July for school-aged children between the ages of five and 11 years old. This program not only assists the Texas Wesleyan graduate students in their learning process, but the children learn a great deal as well.

The purpose of the reading clinic is to help children sharpen their reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills. Some children come to us in great need and others just come as a fun summer activity to act as a "big college student."

The Texas Wesleyan graduate students who participate in this part of Dr. Lisa Dryden's class are always excited to get started teaching these young children and greatly look forward to it every summer.

About the Clinic 

The reading clinic is a community outreach program with a low-cost registration fee that lasts approximately two weeks. The children work hard during the clinic, and are rewarded with an author's reception and refreshments. The author's reception allows the children an opportunity to showcase and highlight the work completed during the clinic.

The clinic focuses on developing literacy skills the children might lack or need help improving. Some children come to us in great need of help, and some of them like to come to stay ahead of the next grade level. At any skill level, this clinic is definitely one of Texas Wesleyan's best-kept secrets.

The Texas Wesleyan graduate students who participate in the clinic are always very eager to step up to the plate to teach new skills, but it's also a great opportunity to work a little harder on the skills that have fallen out of practice during the summer. The Reading clinic fills up quickly with parents wanting to help their children grow their reading skills. Registration opens at the very beginning of April, on a first come, first served basis. 

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