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Student Complaints Policy

Complaints Against Educator Preparation Programs

The complaint process allows for an applicant, candidate, employee or former employee of an EPP, a cooperating teacher, a mentor or an administrator in a school district, charter school, or private school to submit a complaint about an EPP for investigation and resolution.

The complaint process allows individuals to seek redress in areas where they feel that the program did not fulfill requirements for certification or for actions that the individual feels are wrong. Educator preparation programs may also file a complaint about the actions of other EPP programs when it involves a candidate’s transfer into or out of a program.

Filing a Complaint

All complaints must be filed in compliance with the University Complaint Policy as described in University Catalogs and on the University website.

Complaints submissions should include the following:

  • The complainant’s name and contact information
  • A clear description of the problem or complaint
  • Appropriate supporting documentation that is directly related to the complaint
  • A description of any subsequent actions taken by the complainant or the University, and
  • A description of the desired outcome. 


Local University appeal processes must be followed to their conclusion prior to filing a complaint with TEA (Texas Education Agency).

Complaints regarding the Teacher Education Program that are not satisfactorily resolved at the campus level can be forwarded to TEA. Contact information and procedure may be found at

Contact the Dean’s Office for further information at 817-531-4345 or, for School Counseling, Director of the School Counseling Program: 817-531-7530