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What Will it Cost?

Leadership Academy Network Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees Total: $592 per hour

Your Leadership Academy Network Teacher Residency program is 36 total credit hours. Total tuition and standard fees: $21,312

This is only an estimate of tuition and fees and subject to change. Additional charges may increase your total tuition and fees. This estimate does not include books and other expenditures.


Scholarships & Grants

As part of the LAN program, you'll receive a TXWES Grant in your first year, followed by a LAN Scholarship in your second year. Those grants and scholarships bring your total cost of the program down to just $6,312. Plus, you'll be earning a salary and benefits throughout your 2-year program!

With scholarships, the total cost of the Leadership Academy Network 0Teacher Residency Program is $6,312.


What's the next step?

Are you not sure what to do next? Now is a great time to walk through the application process step-by-step or start looking at your financial aid options.