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Admission Requirements

Applying to Texas Wesleyan University as an international student is an easy and streamlined process.

What are the requirements?

Are you a first year freshman applicant?

We require a cumulative GPA equivalent to at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale with secondary school completion prior to the start of classes at Texas Wesleyan University.

Do you have a year or more of college-level credit from an accredited post-secondary institution?

Transfer students must present a U.S.-equivalent cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale at the time of admission.

Are you interested in a graduate-level degree?

Please contact for program-specific requirements or visit the graduate catalog at the link below.

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Notice to recruitment partners

In compliance with 34 CFR § 668.14(b)(22), Texas Wesleyan University pays commission, bonuses or other incentive payments only to recruiters of foreign students residing in foreign countries who are not eligible to receive U.S. federal student assistance.

How do I demonstrate English proficiency?
  • TOEFL: 68 (Internet), 190 (Computer), 520 (Paper)
    • Scores must be less than two (2) years old
  • IELTS: 6.0 academic band score (or IELTS 5.0/5.5 for full admission through the Linguistic Diversity Bridge Program)
    • Scores must be less than two (2) years old
  • Other official evidence of English language proficiency, as approved by Texas Wesleyan University
    • Note: The University is the sole judge of a student's English proficiency

If you don't have proof of your English proficiency or are not waived, you're welcome to attend our on-campus intensive English program. Graduation from our intensive English program satisfies English proficiency requirements at both the graduate and undergraduate admission levels.

Graduate programs require different test scores. Email for information.

Which academic transcripts are required?

Which academic transcripts are required?

Please submit via email as scanned attachments to, all examination results, marks, transcripts or grade sheets from your secondary school, as well as those from any post-secondary college or university attended.

While scanned documents are sufficient for admissions purposes, we require your original, official documents in hard copy when you arrive on campus and prior to your first semester at Texas Wesleyan University. Your original international transcripts will be returned to you after certified copying and filing with the International Programs Office.

If your documents are not issued in English, please provide an English translation. You can locate an accredited translator through the American Translators Association.

NoteWhile we do not require an ACT or SAT score for international admissions purposes, one of these scores is required for top-tier scholarship consideration.