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5 reasons to sign up for a campus visit today

09.12.2016 | By:
Photo of Texas Wesleyan's campus mall

Your college visit is one of the best ways to gauge where you want to go to school. You get to see the campus, ask all of your questions, and find out what each university is really like. We’ve come up with 5 reasons why you should sign up to visit Texas Wesleyan today.

1. You need to see if you like it here

Find out if you like a big public school with 20,000 students or if a small, private university is a better fit. Take a tour of Texas Wesleyan, poke around the residence halls and check out a few classes. Before you decide to spend four years at a school, you need to make sure you like it.

2. See why smaller is smarter

It’s one thing to hear about how great a small campus is, but when you hear professors calling students by their first name and you see them giving students one-on-one attention, you won’t want anything else. With less than 2,000 undergraduate students, you’ll never get lost in the shuffle.

3. Your questions get answered

You have questions and sometimes you want answers from someone face-to-face. When you visit our campus, you’ll talk to your enrollment counselor in person. Your counselor will answer all of your questions about the application process, what to expect after you apply and how to enroll in classes.

4. You get to meet real students

No one can tell you more about the Texas Wesleyan experience than a real Ram. Want to know what it’s really like to be a student? Ask away. They can tell you about life on campus, what classes are like, what they do for fun and anything else you want to know.

5. If you want, we’ll feed you

We treat you like family when you visit Texas Wesleyan, and being family means you get free food. We’ll take you to Dora’s Dining Hall and give you the complete Ram experience. Need we say more?

Have we piqued your interest? Of course, we have. We have the perfect campus visit for you. Pick the one that’s best for you. We’ll see you on campus!

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