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7 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Your First Day as a Ram

05.16.2022 | By:
Photo of students walking outside Martin Center.

You’ve made it. It’s the summer before starting your first semester at Texas Wesleyan! Things are starting to get real. We know starting college as an undergraduate student comes with lots of questions, especially in the few months leading up to your first day. Here’s a list of things you can do this summer to prep for the first day as a Ram.  

Plan where you’ll live 

Whether on campus or off, knowing where you’re staying can help make your first semester go smoothly.  

If you haven’t already, make sure to apply to live on campus. Housing apps are open until the last day to enroll in class — but don’t wait to apply. Room selections fill up early, so the earlier you apply, the better chance you’ll get your top pick. And once you’ve got your app filled out, start making a packing and shopping list of items you’ll want to bring along — like extra-long twin bed linens, a desk lamp, command hooks and more.  

If you’re living off campus, plan your routes to get to class on time. Remember that we’re located just a few minutes from Downtown Fort Worth, so plan accordingly with the morning and evening rush hours. 

Attend Ram Camp 

Ram Camp is a fun, overnight adventure for undergraduate students to get to know each other, the campus and get tips on having a successful first semester. You’ll play games, hear about how to get involved on campus and maybe even make a few new friends.  

It’s required for students under the age of 21, but all incoming undergraduate students are invited!  

Get to know campus 

Haven’t gone on a campus tour yet? We got you! Visit us this summer — it’s the best way to get to know where to eat, hang out, study and where you’ll be taking classes. Plus, you’ll find out some cool TXWES traditions, like where to go if you want some good luck on an exam. Summer tours are available Monday-Thursday at 11 a.m. 

If you’ve already toured, feel free to stop by and map out your classes. The admissions office is located inside the Martin Center and is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday in the summer, so if you get stuck on where to go, feel free to stop in and get some help.  

Grab a parking sticker & student ID 

You’ll need to have a parking sticker to park on campus and a student ID to gain access to some of our free student resources. You can pick up both for free at the circulation desk in the library. Bring a photo ID, a copy of your class schedule and have your car make, model and license plate on hand. 

Our tip? Beat the rush on the first day of classes and head over a week or so before. 

Make sure your finances are good to go 

Financial Aid is where you’ll get info about scholarships, grants, work-study and loans. Once you’ve got all your financial aid secured, you’ll then head over to the Cashier’s Office to plan how you’ll pay any remaining costs. You can set up a payment plan or pay in full.  

Get to know your student resources 

As a student, you’ll gain access to free campus resources. You’ll have a free student email account that also comes with Office 365, so you can contact your professors and get classwork done.  


We get it. Studying for an exam, figuring out that hard math problem or just knowing how to start that paper can get tricky. As part of the RAMily, you’ll get tutoring, study resources and workshops on things like managing test anxiety all for free with the Academic Success Center. Yep. $0. 

Career Prep 

Get tips and tricks on how to prepare for job interviews, build your resume and find a job with Career Services. And you don’t have to wait for senior year. Get started now and forge a path to land a sweet internship or that dream job. All career services are also free. Boo-yah! 

Health & Fitness 

Flexing your brain isn’t the only thing you can do on campus. Build up those muscles with our free fitness center. You can do your own thing or join a class to keep your body moving.  

Got a small injury? Or mild illness? Stop by Health Services. The nurse can help provide minor first aid, give you over-the-counter medicines, keep your vaccines up-to-date or refer you to doctor.  

And if you need to talk with someone about mental health, check in with the counseling center. It’s free for students, and you can schedule in person or online sessions. 

Campus Fun 

If you’re looking for things to do around campus or want to join some of our great student-lead organizations, make sure to check out Ram Space. It lists student events and organizations on campus, so you can get involved and make an impact. 

Don’t forget, students also get free tickets to home games and some theatre performances!  Support your fellow Rams by checking out the game schedule and the theatre box office 

Buy school supplies 

Thinking about getting a laptop? It’s not required for undergraduates at TXWES, but we know having your own laptop to take to class can be helpful. See our computer requirements to help make sure your laptop comes equipped with the right stuff for your classes. And if you can’t get a laptop, don’t sweat it. We have plenty of computers around campus you can use for free.  

You’ll also want to pick up some basic school supplies — like pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks, a calculator, a planner, etc. — to have with you for taking notes, completing assignments and studying.