Cashier's Office


The mission of the Cashier's Office is to assist students and their families in understanding their financial responsibility to the University regarding their student account.  The office provides additional services to facilitate individual attention to students, faculty and staff, with a dedication to customer service.

In order to comply with federal regulations, Texas Wesleyan has a student consent form (Information Release Form) that enables the University to release student account information to specific individuals. Students must have their student ID number (printed on the University issued pictured ID) to access student account information. Please contact the Cashier's Office with any questions.

Beginning Summer 2014, the cashier's office will no longer award advances for third-party billing. Third parties will be billed after 12th class day.

Summer Hours

Beginning June 1-July 31, 2015

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday: 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Closed on Fridays

Payment Due Dates
  • Summer payment due date is May 5, 2015
  • Fall payment due date is August 5, 2015 

Payment includes:

  • Financial aid
  • Cash payments
  • Payment plans
  • Third-party payments
Important Information for 2015 - 2016

Book voucher availiblity

  • 2015 Summer 2: June 29-July 13
  • Fall 2015: Aug. 5-Sept. 2
  • Spring 2016: Dec. 21-Jan. 27

Refund Policy

Beginning refund dates are posted on this website each term. After the first disbursement of title IV financial aid onto the student account, within 14 days a refund check will be issued to the student.

The student will be sent an email to their University email account, notifying them of the day the check will be available for pickup. Students must present their student ID card to pickup a refund check.

Unless the Cashier's office is notified by email from the student, checks will be held for pickup for two weeks.  After two weeks, they will be mailed to the address on file.

Refund Dates (subject to change)

  • 15 Summer 2: July 9
  • 15 Fall: September 9
  • 16 Spring: January 29

General Payment Information

  1. The Cashier's Office now accepts, Visa, Discover, Master card and American Express credit cards.

How do I Pay in Full?

  1. Remit payment to the Cashiers Office at 1201 Wesleyan Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76105, Attention Cashier's Office. Please allow 3-4 business days mailing time to ensure payment is received on or before the payment due date.
  2. Pay online for current semester with e-Cashier by logging into your Ram Link account. Once you have logged into Ram Link click on Make a Payment located under the Financial Information section. You will have to authenticate your student ID number and birth date and choose which term you wish to view. Choose the pay in full option once you have logged into e-Cashier.

Payment Policy

  1. The policy of Texas Wesleyan University is payment is due upon registration., but no later than the due date posted. Therefore all tuition, fees, and other related costs should be paid at the Cashier's Office on the day registration takes place. If electing to use a payment plan, this should be activated on the day of registration. A $110.00 late fee is assessed to all students who re- register after being withdrawn for non-payment during late registration.

Delinquent Accounts

  1. A student who has a past due account will have a financial hold placed on her/his student record. A financial hold will prevent student from obtaining transcript, registering for next term or particpating in graduation. Any student with an account more than 30 days past due may be withdrawn from classes. The student will remain responsible for all unpaid balances incurred. In the event an account becomes delinquent and is placed with an outside agency for collection, all collection and/or legal fees will be the responsibility of the student.

Change of Schedule - Add/Drop

  1. After registration has been completed, a student may change her/his schedule only during the add/drop period. No course may be added after the first week of class. Tuition and fee charges for any course dropped before the first day* of class will be refunded at 100%. Tuition and fees for classes dropped after classes have begun are credited as follows: 1) Courses dropped within 5% of the class calendar days will be credited at 80%; 2) Courses dropped within 10% of the class calendar days will be credited at 60%; 3) No refund will be credited for any course after 10% of the class calendar days has elapsed. Fees will not be refunded if a student completely withdraws from the University after the official first day of class.

*Classes dropped on the same day as class starts will be subject to penalty.*


  1. A student wishing to drop from all classes must formally withdraw from the University (see Withdrawals/Drop Section in the catalog). Non -attendance does not get you withdrawn from classes.
  2. Tuition: A student formally withdrawing from the University before the end of 20% of class time usage will be eligible for partial refund of tuition and room and board charges only, except for the first time students and Title IV aid recipients as noted below. Students not adhering to the University's formal withdrawal process forfeit their refund. Withdrawal tuition refunds are calculated on a class-by-class basis. The official first day of classes for refund purposes for all programs of study is established as the first regularly scheduled day of each class as set forth in the University's class schedule. 6888 The total withdrawal refund formula is as follows: 1) 100% credit before the first day* of class; 2) 80% credit if 5% or less of the class calendar days has elapsed; 3) 60% credit if 5.01% to 10% of the class calendar days has elapsed; 4) 40% credit if 10.01% to 15% of the class calendar days has elapsed; 5) 20% credit if 15.01% to 20% of the class calendar days has elapsed; 6) No credit will be given after 20% of the class calendar days has elapsed.
  3. Fees will not be refunded if a student completely withdraws from the University after the official first day of class.

Non-payment does not guarantee automatic withdrawal. You will need to withdraw at the Registrar office. 

*Withdrawals processed on the same day as class starts will be subject to penalty.

Statement Information

The Texas Wesleyan Cashier's Office has gone paperless as of August 2006. Students may access their account balance through RamLink, Student Account Statement. Payment reminders and other important account information will be sent to students through RamMail. 

*Payment in full means all registration charges, dorm and meal charges and other miscellaneous charges are paid.

Contact Information

Cashier's Office
Phone: 817-531-4456
Fax: 817-531-6570
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm

Contact Us:
1201 Wesleyan Street
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