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Cashier's Office

Welcome to the Cashier's Office website. You can find answers to most of your questions regarding your student account on our web pages. If not, please contact the Cashier's Office at

We now offer Direct Deposit as an option for refunds. See below for more information and how to sign up.  

Have a question?

You're not the only one. Take a look at some common questions students ask in the Cashier's Office.

How do I set up direct deposit for my refund?

If you have a "credit" or excess payment on your student account and qualify for a refund, you can now set up a Direct Deposit to your banking account.

Simply choose the Direct Deposit link located under the Cashier's Office heading, on Ramlink. 

  1. Then select the Banking information link
  2. Add an account
  3. Select the next button
  4. Enter your banking information, read the terms and conditions and then select the "agree" button. 

 Then, you're done! You will be able to view your account in Ramlink. If you see the not-verified warning, don't panic. We'll send a zero deposit to verify information. Once that clears, the warning will disappear. You will also receive an automated notice of the deposit.

It could take up to five (5) days, so don't wait until the last minute or you may receive a paper check instead of it deposited into your bank account.

**Refunds due to Parent Plus loans that the parent set up to receive the refund, will be issued as a paper check to the parent.

What important dates do I need to know about?
Payment due date
  • August 19, 2019

See the full list of deregistration dates and read the full policy.

Refund dates subject to change. Refunds are made weekly thereafter.

Direct deposits are highly recommended and can set up through Ramlink. Having your refunded check deposited directly into your bank account is safe, easy and save time.

For more information, visit the Cashier's Office.

How can I pay my account?

There are several options for paying your account.

First, log in to Ramlink and view your student financial statement to obtain your balance.


Remember Statement balances are subject to change. This means that balances can change from day to day. Charges can be added or removed. Example: book charges can be added or removed during the semester.

 While you're in Ramlink, you can select either "Make a Student Account Payment" or "Set Up a Payment Plan." ‌

The Make a student account payment will take you to a secure online payment screen.  Click payment plans for more information setting up a payment  plan

A nominal fee is charged for this service; you will be informed of all charges and fees before authorizing payment.
Processing fee is 2.50% with a nominal fee of $2.95 that will be added.  This fee is not charged by or paid to Texas Wesleyan University.

If you prefer, you can mail in a payment or stop by the Cashier's Office located on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building. We will be glad to assist you.

Cashier's Office
Texas Wesleyan University
1201 Wesleyan St.
Fort Worth, Texas  76105 

Delinquent Accounts

A student who has a past due account will have a financial hold placed on their student record. A financial hold will prevent a student from obtaining transcripts, registering for next term or participating in graduation. Any student with an account more than 30 days past due may be withdrawn from classes. The student will remain responsible for all unpaid balances incurred. In the event, an account becomes delinquent and is placed with an outside agency for collection, all collection and/or legal fees will be the responsibility of the student.

How do I access my account balance?

The Texas Wesleyan Cashier's Office is completely online. You can access your account balance, 1098T, student statements and other information through Ramlink. Payment reminders and other important account information is sent to your University email account.

Are you an online MBA student?

As an online MBA student, you'll follow a different process to pay for your classes than on-campus students. Take a look at your tuition and fee costs, how to make a payment, important deadlines and more.

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