1098T Information

Although Texas Wesleyan University provides the information that appears on your 1098-T form, our staff is not qualified to answer any tax-related questions or give tax advice.

It is the student's responsibility to determine the taxability of scholarships or grants received. You are encouraged to contact your individual tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

1098-T statements will be available on Ramlink on Jan. 31, 2015 and will not be mailed. Only students that have a social security number on file with Wesleyan will automatically have a 1098-T on Ramlink. Also, your last name will need to match the name on your social security file.

To view and download your 1098-T on Ramlink:

  • Click on the view my 1098-T Form
  • View your 1098-T form in .PDF format and print if desired
  • Student financial statements are also available on Ramlink that you can download

Ramlink Access:

  • If you have forgotten your access to Ramlink
  • Go to the IT website for instructions on resetting your ID and/or password to access Ramlink.
  • Even if you graduated in 2014, you should still have access to Ramlink. Amounts included in Box 2.
  • You can now download your own statement from Ramlink- called Student Financial Statement Click on Ramlink to go with your 1098-T

 Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses:

  • Please note Box 2 on the 1098-T form shows the total amounts BILLED for qualified tuition and related expenses for the reported tax year (total amount "BILLED" not payments received). If Box 7 on the 1098-T form is checked, the amount in Box 2 includes amounts for an academic period beginning in January – March of the following tax year and may not be eligible for a deduction. See Publication 970 for guidance on how to report these amounts.

    To assist you in determining your qualified educational expenses, the detail of the totals reported on your 1098-T is printed on the reverse side of the form. Transactions that are identified as reportable include tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled in a degree program.
  • 1098-T’s are based on the calendar year Jan. 1, 2014 through Dec. 31,2014.

 Amounts included in Box 5, "Scholarship and grants":

  • This represents the total of all scholarships or grants received and processed for the calendar year.
  • Amounts of scholarships reported on your 1098-T are for determining eligibility for the Hope credit and lifetime learning credit only, NOT for determining taxability of such scholarships. Your scholarships may or may not be taxable, refer to IRS Publication 970.

 Why doesn't my 1098-T match what I paid/received?

  • This is the most common misunderstanding each year. For 1098-T purposes reports qualified transactions in the calendar year when amounts were billed and not when amounts were paid, received or posted.

    For example, undergraduate students were billed during the Fall semester 2013 (usually around mid-December) for classes being taken during the Spring semester 2014, so those amounts are included on your 2013 1098-T even though the actual payment may have been made or applied or posted during 2014. 
  • Amounts of qualified tuition and required fees reported on your 1098-T are defined by the IRS as "tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution".

    The IRS does not consider student health fees, transportation fees, recreational sports fees, insurance fees, or room and board of any kind as qualified tuition and related fees, therefore, these fees are excluded from amounts reported on the 1098-T. 
  • If you are a full time student, the box will be checked that says "At least half time". There is not a box for full time student.
  • If 15 Spring is your first term at the University and you registered in 2014; since classes do not start till January of 2015, your at least half time box will be marked NO as classes have not started.

    This is not an error on the 1098-T form. You can discuss this with your tax advisor or research the IRS website for help.
  • Visit http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p970.pdf for details on determining the taxability of different types of scholarships.
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