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What are colleges looking for? Take a look at these 3 big things

11.20.2017 | By:
Image of Texas Wesleyan students talking on campus

Are you ready to submit your college application? We're here to help. Take a look at three things colleges and admissions counselors are looking for on your college application.

1. A strong GPA – until the end

Don't let the "senoritis" bug bite you. You've worked so hard to get to this point – roughly 12 years to be exact – and you're almost done. Colleges want to see your final transcript after graduation, don't give them a reason to change their mind. Keep those grades up and finish the school year strong.

2. Good ACT or SAT scores

How are those test scores looking? Your ACT or SAT scores are a big part of your college app. If your scores aren't what you want them to be or what you need them to be to be accepted, you might still have time to take them again.

Good test scores don't just play a part in your application, they also can affect how much financial aid you'll get such. We're talking free money — scholarships, grants, etc.

3. Well-rounded high school students

Showcase all of those extracurricular activities on your college apps. Universities love to see students who can balance their classes with educational organizations, community service, athletics and more.

Not only are you showing colleges that you're well-rounded, but extracurricular activities put you ahead of other students with the same GPA and test scores.

We only gave you three things to help you prepare for your college application, but there's more. Fill out some information and we'll send you a downloadable checklist to help you better prepare.

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