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Admission Requirements

Applying is easy. And fast.

Great news — you can forget about taking the SAT or ACT when you apply to TXWES. That's right. No tests. And it only takes 15 minutes. Talk about taking the stress out of a college application.

After you turn in your requirements, we'll be able to review your application and see which scholarship you qualify for. We'll mail you a decision letter in one to two weeks.

What are the requirements?

2.75 high school GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale)*

All we need is your application and transcripts. Get those submitted, and we’ll send you your scholarship amount. It’s that easy.
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I don't meet admission requirements
Have a GPA below 2.75 on a 4.0 scale?*
We'll work with you to get the best chance at an acceptance letter and scholarship.

If you took the SAT or ACT, you can choose to submit your scores — it can help boost your chances of admission.
  • SAT Code: 6828
  • ACT Code: 4222
If not, no worries. You can start the process for your application to be reviewed by members of the faculty.
  1. You must submit all of the following items to your admission counselor:
    • A personal essay about why attending Texas Wesleyan would be beneficial for you
    • Provide letters of recommendation
    • Submit a resume
    • Participate in a personal interview
  2. Once you have turned in all of your paperwork, your file will be sent to the faculty committee for review and a second admission decision.
Recommended Class Units
  • English: 4
  • Mathematics: 4
  • Social Sciences (includes 1 unit of American history): 3.5
  • Natural Science: 3
  • Foreign language: 2
  • Electives: 8
  • Vocational Units (non-academic): No more than 2
GED Requirements

If you did not graduate from high school, you'll need an average score of 450 on the GED exam. Once you've taken the test, mail a copy of the GED certificate and the official report of test with your application.

Office of Admission 
Texas Wesleyan University 
1201 Wesleyan St. 
Fort Worth, TX 76105

Under 25? You'll still need to take the SAT or ACT and have a 2.75 GPA. Over 25? You'll need to take the THEA test. Contact Karina Bretado at 682-478-8605 or to schedule a test date.