Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.
Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.
Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.

Admissions Timeline

So your child is thinking about Texas Wesleyan – now what?

Take a look at our admissions timeline. It will streamline the process and give you an idea of what to expect along your journey to becoming a Ram parent.


Getting started: Junior year

Knock out the tests

If they haven’t taken it already, make sure your child registers for the SAT and/or ACT. Their junior year is the ideal time to take these tests, but both exams have dates scheduled year-round.

To save a step when it’s time to apply, make sure they have their scores sent to us automatically. All they have to do is add our school code when they register for the test.

  • SAT – 6828
  • ACT – 4222
map blue icon left Visit Campus

One of the best things you can do for your child when they’re choosing a college is visit campus with them. It goes a long way toward making sure a college is the right fit.

Plan a visit during spring of their junior year so you can see what it’s like when students and professors are here. You can even sit in on a class.


Taking care of business: Senior year

How soon can we apply?

As soon as your child has completed their junior year of high school, they can start the application. The earlier you apply, the more scholarships and grants we’ll have available.

So how does it work? It's easy. No fee, no essay — they'll answer a few questions, then send us their transcripts and test scores. That's all.

What about applying for aid?

When you apply for admission, you’re automatically applying for our University scholarships, too. To apply for federal grants and loans, you’ll need to fill out the FAFSA.

What is the FAFSA?

We’re glad you asked. It's what makes college affordable. It’s easy to fill out, and we even have a video that shows you how to do it.

Texas Wesleyan’s priority deadline for the FAFSA is March 1. You can start filling out the form Jan. 1, and the earlier you submit it, the more money is available to make your child’s education even more affordable. It's a step you just can't skip.

Still not sure? Visit campus again

If it’s getting close to decision time and your child is having a tough time choosing a school, schedule another campus visit. We’d love to have you back as many times as your family needs.

We’ve decided — now what?

Once your child has decided to become a Ram, we’ve got an easy admitted student checklist to make the rest of the journey a smooth one.

It will help you remember things like: 


Start Planning Early

Want to start planning before your child's junior year? The College Board has great parent guides starting as early as the middle school level. 

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