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Tarrant To & Through Partnership

Texas Wesleyan is proud to be a partner in the Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership. T3 aims to help Tarrant County students get the skills and confidence they need to complete their college degree or postsecondary credential and be prepared for a successful career.

Why be a T3 Scholar?

Being a T3 Scholar opens the door to exclusive resources that will build the skills you need to thrive in high school, college and your career including:

  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Job Shadow and Internship Opportunities
  • Access to scholarships and additional aid for those eligible
  • Transfer Student Resources and Support

Being a T3 Scholar doesn't just benefit you. There are plenty of resources for your family, too. 

It pays to be a T3 scholar ... literally

As a T3 scholar, you’ll automatically qualify for the $1,000 TXWES Community Partner Scholarship. It’s extra money you’ll get every year. 

On top of that, TXWES is proud to offer the T3 Last Dollar Scholarship to all eligible T3 students. It covers any remaining tuition costs after all your financial aid has been applied — that means it gives you all the money you need to pay the rest of your tuition. No need to break the piggy bank.

T3 Last Dollar Deadlines:

  • TXWES admissions application due: March 1
  • Submit FAFSA/TASFA to TXWES: March 11

See the full eligibility requirements

Start by taking the T3 Pledge

Become a T3 Scholar by taking the T3 Pledge. Taking the pledge means you agree to:

Attend TXWES as a T3 Scholar and you'll get more perks, including bridge programming to help you transition from high school to college, specialized on-campus support so you can complete your degree and scholarship opportunities if you qualify.