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A gift you’ll be proud to give

12.01.2017 | By:
Photo of blue and gold decorated Christmas tree

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and giving is likely on your mind. This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to honor or pay tribute to someone special.

Honor and tribute gifts are donations you make in recognition of someone who has played a significant role in your life. They’re often made on traditional gift-giving occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, but can also be used as a thoughtful way to say thanks or congratulate a loved one for a noteworthy achievement or milestone.

If any of your loved ones hold a charitable cause, such as Texas Wesleyan, close to their heart, you could make a meaningful gift to us in honor of that individual. It’s two gifts in one: You provide support for our work and recognize someone special.

Through this type of gift, you’ll establish a tribute to him or her that:

  • is always appreciated;
  • carries significant meaning; and
  • supports Texas Wesleyan during a time of great need.

You also could go one step further and include us on your gift list. Make holiday shopping easier for your friends and family and ask them to donate to Texas Wesleyan in your honor.

We value your support year-round, but when it comes to buying another gift this holiday season, we hope you’ll consider an idea that benefits so many and goes further—a gift that you’ll be proud to give.

To make a tribute gift online, visit

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