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COMING SOON: A Permanent Feature Story

08.16.2018 | By:
Detail image of one of the walls in Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Gallery

A new item on the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio website is coming soon to you! 

A new item on the gallery website called PERMANENT FEATURE is being created to bring Texas Wesleyan's permanent collection to you. The permanent collection of art at Texas Wesleyan may be considered a well kept secret to some. The entire campus is dotted with jewels from this collection. We pass by them every day and probably don't give them more than a glance. Contact has been made from individuals across the U.S. - Texas, Oklahoma and as far away as Iowa - complimenting the university on the depth and diversity of the collection.
Twice a month beginning in September, a specific work of art from the permanent collection will be highlighted in a news story. You may learn some art history pertaining to the piece or you may read an opinion piece written by a member of the Wesleyan family. The fact is, that each individual drawing, painting, print, photograph, and sculpture has its own unique story. For example, one artist whose work is represented in the collection was a Fort Worth commercial artist, country music host, cowboy storyteller, sports car race driver and railroad conductor. Oh, and by the way — he helped launch a singer named Willie Nelson. After learning more you may want to take the time to locate the featured art for yourself and enjoy it by having a firsthand experience.
From time to time specific faculty, students, and staff will be invited to submit a news story. If you are interested in writing a Permanent Feature news story about your favorite art piece, please contact Kit Hall at



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