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Wesleyan's Permanent Art Collection

A Small and Distinctive Collection

The permanent collection of Texas Wesleyan University is diverse. American, European, Early Texas Artists, former faculty and student artists are represented. The collection has developed over the years primarily through donations.

Currently, artworks belonging to Texas Wesleyan are located in various offices and public spaces. Through exhibitions, the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio Gallery provides a centralized venue for visitors to see these works. Continued efforts are made to maintain and expand the permanent collection with exceptional examples of historically significant and contemporary art.

Art Acquisition Policy and Form

New Acquisitions

  • Ms. Karen Cramer donated a beautiful original watercolor of Texas Wesleyan College (Oneal-Sells Administration building) created by James Hagood to Texas Wesleyan's permanent collection. The watercolor is signed by the artist and dated 1981. The image size is 10.5 x 17.5. James Hagood, a well known Fort Worth artist, died in 2000.
  • Steve and Laura Perkins Cox donate Art in honor of Ms. Karen Perkins, Department of English 1973-1978 and founder and Executive Director of the Women's Center of Tarrant County

‌A generous donation from Steve and Laura Cox added to Texas Wesleyan’s permanent art collection. They donated five prints created by the late Professor Emeritus Mary Apple in honor of Cox’s mother, Karen Perkins. Karen Perkins joined the faculty of Texas Wesleyan College, where she taught from 1973-1978 in the Department of English. "...Mom loved opening students' minds to the beautiful language of Milton and Shakespeare". According to her daughter, she was awarded Educator of the Year during her time at Texas Wesleyan. Karen Perkins was dear friends Mary Apple and retired Dean of Students Loralee Pohl.  Perkins went on to be the founder and Executive Director of The Women's Center of Tarrant County. Karen Perkins passed away June 2017.