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President's Portraits

James Spurlock: Presidential Portrait Project


"Art is just a series of adjustments…and Life is Art.”

James R.Spurlock has painted and sculpted his way to a very fulfilling niche for himself in the art… It is the journey that is the meaningful part of life. I know, you've heard that from everyone that counts in your life and some who didn't. My journey is in learning how to learn. Art has helped me see that in all the other parts of my life. Looking back, God is the one responsible for me getting a chance at being an artist and learning that this world is one big school and our time in it is as long or as short, depending on ourselves, and that the quality of our lives depends on our decisions. I am glad that He gave me that chance, because, all in all, each question you get in life has a yes or no answer. My answer was yes. Here's hoping the things you see here are good for you. I am still learning and what I don't know is increasing in size. Any comments would be welcomed and honestly considered. Thank you. James R. Spurlock 

P.S. Someone once asked me "Have you done this all
of your life?" I answered, "Not yet!"