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Sign Up for a workshop about Hyperdocs!

02.24.2021 | By:
Photo of Jackie Gaffner

Sign up for Hyperdocs: Digital Workspaces for F2F and Virtual Students, an hour-long workshop, led by Dr. Jackie Gaffner, from 1-2 p.m. Wednesday, March 3. Register online or email

Hyperdocs, are documents that contain lesson content — or links to content — and associated activities in a single digital space.

When creating the hyperdoc, the instructor provides context and curated information so students can explore and apply information individually or in groups. View sample hyperdocs for K-12 students.

You can create hyperdocs for your courses using Office 365, which all TXWES students can access, or with a tool such as Google Docs. Both in-person and virtual students can access the hyperdoc simultaneously, which makes planning simpler. 

Dr. Gaffner will share examples of her hyperdocs, explain how they can be used across disciplines, and share tips and tricks for making these digital lessons successful.