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Dean's Message

04.15.2011 | By:

Texas Wesleyan's School of Business and Professional Programs is proud to announce the accreditation of our school by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).  Myself along with Associate Dean Dr. Sameer Vaidya were in attendance at the ACBSP national conference in Orlando June 29 to July 1, 2007 to receive the accreditation certificate on behalf of the School of Business.  Please visit the ACBSP webpage at: or select the link below where you will find Texas Wesleyan's School of Business now listed as a member institution.

Overview of ACBSP accreditation


The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is the leading specialized national accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence.  The association embraces the virtues of teaching excellence and  emphasizes to students that it is essential to learn how to learn. ACBSP  acknowledges the importance of scholarly research and inquiry and  believes that such activities facilitate improved teaching. Institutions  are strongly encouraged to pursue a reasonable mutually beneficial balance  between teaching and research. And further, ACBSP encourages faculty  involvement within the contemporary business world to enhance the  quality of classroom instruction and to contribute to student learning.


Benefits for the Institution

  1. The pursuit of accreditation reinforces a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and scholarship.
  2. The process of preparing an accreditation self-study enhances the focus on quality of student learning and renews a commitment to the educational mission.
  3. The  recognition of effective business units through accreditation  contributes to a more positive review by regional accreditors, as  specialized accreditation is a confirmation of quality programming in  specific divisions.
  4. Accredited status creates greater visibility for the institution.


Benefits for the Business Unit

  1. Accreditation creates a process for continuous departmental improvement.
  2. Accreditation provides the impetus for identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Accreditation keeps the programs current through curriculum development.
  4. Accreditation provides a forum for review and analysis of the business unit.
  5. Accreditation promotes an outcomes assessment process linking goals, activities, and outcomes.