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Updated brand standards now available online

01.09.2015 | By:
Fresh new updates have been released online for the Texas Wesleyan University brand on the Resource Toolbox webpage.

Have you seen the new brand standards? Fresh new updates have been released online for the Texas Wesleyan University brand on the Resource Toolbox page.

This essential resource has been updated and streamlined with new design standards, colors and Web guidelines.

What is the brand/brand standards?

Our brand is what a person thinks of when they hear the name Texas Wesleyan. It's key in revealing exactly what Texas Wesleyan stands for to our audience. It speaks for the University when we cannot, and conveys the same style, attitude and message in a unified and consistent voice to build brand recognition through all platforms (Web, television, print, social media, etc.).

Why are they important?

Adhering to the brand standards builds consistency and recognition.

"Our brand is a promise, and we promise the benefits of what it means to be small," says John Veilleux, Vice President for Marketing and Communications. "We need to reinforce that message as a university, with one voice, and this tool can help you do that."

These brand standards were created specifically for Texas Wesleyan and templates are provided as basis to uphold the brand integrity.

What's been updated?

Major updates include: 

  1. Redesigned assets on the Resource Toolbox, including print and digital templates based on public feedback.
  2. Clear logo requirements. These are essential for vendors printing items with our logo. Updates have been made clearly defining 1-color and 2-color logo standards for both a light and dark backgrounds.
  3. Updated color schemes has been revised for a fresh, modern feel.
  4. Web Standards have been updated to reflect the new responsive design for all platforms.
  5. University specific photography is available upon request. Contact Shelly Jackman at

Keep in mind that we do periodically make changes to the brand standards and it's always best to check for the most recent documents before distributing.

How can I utilize this document?

Don't be intimidated by this document. Here's some tips to help you use this PDF:

  1. Download and save this PDF. Viewing on the web is great, but saving the document and viewing in Adobe Acrobat allows for better interactivity, like searching the document and accessing links.
  2. It's an active PDF. You can click on any section in the table of contents to go that section. Or, you can click on any of the page footers to be taken back to the table of contents.
  3. You can also download our Quick Guide for a quick overview of colors and logo requirements — these are great to send to vendors as well.

Remember:  It's campus policy that . Please email a PDF proof of logo use to Shelly Jackman at

Shelly Jackman is the art director for Texas Wesleyan University. She has more than seven years in brand experience and can be reached at