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You know the message pillars, you know our values and you’ve become an identity expert by reading the brand standards. The next step? Take it to the streets.

Before getting started, make sure you understand how to apply the brand in your projects. Also, remember that it is campus policy to have all university-branded material approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications prior to distribution.

Below, you can review the many templates and resources we've developed to streamline the design process. Everyone on campus is encouraged to use these templates, including faculty, staff and students.

To gain access to the University photo catalog, please email Shelly Jackman.


Brand Resources

Use these documents as a guide for how to apply the brand to your projects.

Visual Brand Standards Message, Voice & Tone Brand Standards Athletic Brand Standards  


Print Resources

For savings and fast turnaround on professional printing:

  1. Download the PDF version of the document you want.
  2. Use your procurement card to have the file printed on campus, or with any approved printer.

University Message Sheets

School Message Sheets

Print Templates

Digital Resources

These logos may be used with approval from the Office of Marketing & Communications.

There are two color options available for each logo type, one on a light background and one for a dark background. If you need high-resolution vector art (.eps file) for printing, please contact us.

Refer to the brand style guide for logo use guidelines.

University Logos

PowerPoint Templates

Email Signatures

Desktop Wallpapers

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