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News to launch website improvements

04.30.2015 | By:

The office of Digital Marketing & Strategy will launch updates to on May 6 that will include a newly optimized and mobile responsive global navigation, and new landing pages for the Academics, Student Life and About sections.

Students have transformed the way they consume information and make decisions online and it is our responsibility to adapt to their needs. As a University, we can attract and engage students online by delivering digital experiences that are relevant, helpful and optimized for our users. 

Global Navigation

Have you noticed how the top navigation on changes when you navigate between different website pages? The newly designed global navigation will be consistent sitewide. This new navigation places the top three most popular pages first, in alphabetical order: About, Academics, Admissions & Aid, followed by Student Life, Athletics, News & Events and Alumni.

The reorganization and implementation of this global navigation sitewide will help create a clear and consistent, user-friendly browsing experience for all audiences, on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The main changes in the redesign include:

  • Campus Life will become Student Life to better reflect our terminology and cater to the way students search for information online, according to Google keyword research
  • To highlight the most valuable aspect of our a-z index, the Campus Directory button will become Find An Office, for its ability to bring up a specific office's phone number and location
  • Users will be able to self-select as a Prospective Students, Current Students, Faculty & Staff, Parents or Alumni by using a new dropdown titled "I am a…"


The Academics landing page is our third most viewed page on In testing, the content on more than 75 percent of the page did not meet with user expectations. For example, on this landing page, users spent more time on the navigation than anywhere else on the page. 

Based on this research, the new design for the Academics landing page has three major updates: 

  • Clear navigational structure to eliminate confusion from users 
  • Emphasis on the top two items searched by students, "Undergraduate Majors" and "Graduate Programs," in the center channel
  • A mobile responsive Web page

Student Life

With the renaming of the Campus Life section to Student Life, this redesign will work to brand this section for current students. The navigation reorganization of this page will meet student's expectations and highlight what they're searching for most, residence halls and campus dining.

The Student Life landing page redesign accomplishes three main updates:

  • An optimized and simplified navigation
  • A center channel that highlights housing and dining, activities and student support services
  • A mobile responsive Web page


The About Wesleyan page redesign will bring the most relevant information to the main users of this section: prospective students and parents. The goal of this landing page is to provide important facts about the University to both prospective students and parents in a user-friendly way.

The two main additions to the About landing page include:

  • Clear, concise University quick facts, e.g. history, accreditations, size and number of student life clubs 
  • A mobile responsive Web page

About the Digital Marketing & Strategy Office

Texas Wesleyan's Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy's main goal is to attract students in the digital realm. Formerly Web Services, the office's name change is just the beginning of a new focus. The focus of the office is to optimize University marketing campaigns and with a conversion-first strategy to recruit students online through integrated and evolving digital marketing tactics. 

For questions and feedback about digital marketing and, please contact Stephanie M. Scott, director of digital marketing & strategy, at