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Degree Plan

Degree Plan & Course Descriptions

Download a sample degree plan or see more details by logging in to your Ramlink account. The sample is meant to be a guide. Work with your advisor on a plan that is right for you. See course numbers and descriptions by looking at the University Catalog.

Download the Post-Master's 2-Year DNP Sample Degree Plan


Degree Requirements

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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Program Requirements

Required Graduate Courses

NUR 8335 Advanced Theory & Roles for DNP 3 Credits
NUR 8328 Research for the DNP 3 Credits
NUR 8331 Population Health and Emerging Diseases 3 Credits
NUR 8345 Health Care Informatics 3 Credits
NUR 8348 Health Care Policy 3 Credits
NUR 8232 Practice Mgt for the Adv Practice Nurse Practice Nurse 2 Credits
NUR 8237 Practice Leadership for the Adv Prac Nur Practice Nurse 2 Credits
NUR 8242 Evidence-Informed Practice I 2 Credits
NUR 8246 Evidence-Informed Practice II 2 Credits
NUR 8322 Intro to Nurse Coaching Nursing Coaching 3 Credits
NUR 8340 Vulnerable Populations 3 Credits
NUR 8341 DNP Transition 3 Credits
NUR 8360 DNP Project 3 Credits

Total Credit Hours for degree (35 hours)

Total clinical practicum hours for degree (1000 with credit for up to 500 hours for Masters Clinical hours)


Academic Policies

View the Post-Master's Completion DNP Academic Policies

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