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Faculty Profile

photo of Dr. Chandrasekaran

Chitra Chandrasekaran

Associate Professor of Biology
Schollmaier Science and Technology 113


  • Stanford University, B.S. Biology (1990)
  • Washington University, Ph.D. Cell Biology (1996)

Postdoctoral Training:

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center (1996-1998)

Research Interests/Scholastic Profile:

  •  Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Differentiation and Development in Drosophila melanogaster
  •  Analysis of Gene Structure using Comparative Genomics in Drosophila

Courses taught at Texas Wesleyan:

  • BIO 1321: Introduction to Cell Biology
  • BIO 1121: Laboratory for Introduction to Cell Biology
  • BIO 4412: Molecular Cell Biology
  • NSC 1412: Exploring Human Biology
  • BIO 3352 and 4351 (team taught): Supervised Research in Biology

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Chandrasekaran, C; Benz, B; Clark, MA; and Roberts A (2012) American Society of Cell Biology 2012 Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA

Venhuizen, K, and Chandrasekaran C. (2011) Evolution 2011 Conference; Norman, OK.

Gallach, M, Chandrasekaran, C, and Betran, E. (2010) 51st Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Washington DC

Chandrasekaran, C and Betran, E (2008) 49th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, San Diego CA

Student Research

Current Student Research, coming soon.