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Mary Anne Clark

Professor of Biology at Texas Wesleyan

Mary Anne Clark

Professor of Biology
Eunice & James L. West Library 317


  • B.S., B.A., Texas Woman’s University
  • M.S. New Mexico State University
  • Ph.D.  Bryn Mawr College

Research Interests/Scholastic Profile:

The use of virtual environments in teaching and learning. I have developed Genome Island in Second Life for online students in genetics.  Recent students have also participated in the EteRNA RNA folding project sponsored by Carnegie Mellon and Stanford Universities.

Courses taught at Texas Wesleyan:

  • Biology 1322/1122  (Introduction to Genetics)
  • Biology 3431 (Molecular Genetics)
  • NSC 1414 (Cats, Codons and Chromosomes)
  • WSP 2212 (Heroes in Science)
  • Biology 3352  (Introduction to Research)                          
  • Biology 4351  (Senior Research in Biology)           
  • Biology 4102  (Biology Certification Review)
Student Research Projects

Opsins in animal genomes:

The amelogenin gene and ARHGAP6 in the genome of Anolis carolinensis:

Social partner preference in juvenile bonobos:

The use of the RNA folding project EteRNA in teaching:


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Clark, M. A. Genome Island, a virtual science environment in Second Life.  Innovate Online, 5 (August/September 2009).

Clark, M. A.  Genome Island.  Educause Review (September/October 2008) 43 (5).


Clark, M. A.  Advanced Genetics:  An Accidental Inversion.  Presentation at joint Wesleyan: TCC conference.  August 2014.  

Clark, M. A. and C. Chandrasekaran.  My Students Aren’t Ready for All-Digital.  Presentation for Nature Education.  March 2014.