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Computer Science Minor

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Computer Science Minor Sample Degree Plan

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Computer Science Minor

Minor Requirements

Computer Science

CSC 1321 Comp Prog C++ 3 Credits
CSC 1322 Adv Prgmg C++ 3 Credits
CSC 1330 Assembly Language Programming 3 Credits
CSC 2320 Data Structures 3 Credits
CSC 2340 Obj-Ori Prog/Dsgn w/Internet App. 3 Credits

any two of the following courses:

CSC 3320 Prog Language Concepts 3 Credits
CSC 3360 Analysis of Algorithms 3 Credits
CSC 3391 Operating Systems 3 Credits
CSC 4320 Artificial Intellige 3 Credits
CSC 4341 Prin - Database Syst 3 Credits
CSC 4351 Computer Graphics 3 Credits
CSC 4360 Computer Networks 3 Credits
CSC 4383 Software Engineering 3 Credits
CSC 4384 Senior Design Project 3 Credits


MAT 1324 Calculus I 3 Credits
MAT 1325 Calculus II 3 Credits
Total Credit Hours: 27