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TXWES history students attend workshop on computus in medieval manuscripts

11.13.2017 | By:
Participants of the Medieval Manuscript Workshop listening to the speaker.

Texas Wesleyan history students were introduced to the medieval construction and conceptualization of time at "Time Bound: A Workshop on Computus in Medieval Manuscripts" held at SMU on Friday, 10 Nov. Three Wesleyan students – Lane Kelly, Alanna, James, and Mackenzie Redmon – were accompanied by Professor Maeer, Ph.D., and Professor Ohan, Ph.D.

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the foundational elements of the medieval computus: its astronomical and liturgical basis, mathematical underpinnings, and diverse tabular and diagrammatic instantiations. The day includes a visit to the Bridwell Library where students were able to examine select medieval manuscripts first hand.

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