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Dr. Kay L. Colley

Head shot

Kay Colley

Professor of Mass Communication
PUMC 243

Courses Taught

  • MCO 2318 Social Media
  • MCO 2345 Integrated Media Reporting
  • MCO 3316 Feature Writing and Production
  • MCO 3351 Survey of Public Relations
  • MCO 4300 Internship
  • MCO 4318 International and Intercultural Communication
  • MCO 4320 Sports Communication
  • MCO 4346 Public Relations Campaigns and Programs


  • Ph.D. – Higher Education, University of North Texas
  • M.I.J. – International Journalism, Baylor University
  • B.A. – Journalism, Texas A&M University
  • A.A. – Journalism, Blinn College 

Personal Biography

In her free time, Dr. Colley enjoys photography, gardening and beach holidays no matter what the season. She believes in the importance of industry and academic connections and has served on the boards of the Fort Worth Society of Professional Journalists and the Greater Fort Worth Public Relations Society of America. She has also served as Head of the Small Programs Interest Group for AEJMC and president of the Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication for two years. She was named the Earl Brown Distinguished Faculty Member at Texas Wesleyan in 2011 and the Small Programs Interest Group national Teacher of the Year in 2011. She has also been named an Engaging Educator at Texas Wesleyan twice.

Prior to joining Texas Wesleyan University in 2008, Colley taught at institutions throughout Texas and advised student media for more than 20 years. She also spent four years in public relations and five years in newspapers, winning national awards for her writing and public relations campaigns.

Research Interests

  • Social Media Training in Student and Professional Media
  • Image Restoration Practices in Public Relations
  • Mass Communication Assessment and Curricular Change
  • Esports Communication Practices
  • Gamification in Journalism and Mass Communication
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