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Get Involved with Mathematics

Take advantage of your opportunity to get involved in the mathematics department at Texas Wesleyan. Don't just go to class, be a part of one of the many different clubs, organizations and more.

Join the Dimensions Club

The Dimensions Club is an opportunity to spend time with other students studying math, computer science and physics. This student-lead club helps build connections in the industry by inviting guest speakers to each meeting to talk about their experience in the field.

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Volunteer for Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) programs

Expanding Your Horizons

Volunteer to teach seventh- and eighth-grade girls at the Expanding Your Horizons conference every spring. Texas Wesleyan partners with local middle schools to bring engaging workshops in the math and science fields to our community.

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Spend your summer at Texas Wesleyan teaching 7th through 10th-grade students the basics of mathematics. This seven-week program helps prepare middle school and high school students for a successful career in the STEM field. The program includes classroom work, group projects, presentations, exams, guest speakers, field trips and other special events.

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Are you looking for help in math?

Are you looking for a little extra help in your math class? Visit the Academic Success Center (ASC) and see if there's a tutor available for your class today.

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