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Dimensions Club

About Dimensions Club

Dimensions Club is an opportunity for students interested in math, computer science and physics to get together and talk about their common interests. Students also make connections with industry professionals who are invited to campus as guest speakers to talk about their experience in the field.

Students participate in meetings and guest lectures with lunch provided. Any student is welcome to join the Dimensions Club, not just students from the School of Natural & Social Sciences.


How do I join?

There's no application or formal process to join Dimensions Club. All you need is an interest in math, computer science or physics. We meet a few times a semester to listen to a guest speaker in one of our areas of interest. There are no dues and we provide lunch at all of our meetings. As a faculty advisor about the next meeting and mark your calendar today.

Have a question about Dimensions Club or how to join? Contact one of our faculty members to learn more.

Faculty contact Subject taught
Yukong Zang Professor of Computer Science
Jane A. Moore Professor of Mathematics
Ryan Rich Assistant Professor of Physics