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Latinx Studies Minor

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For more information about the Latinx Studies Minor at Texas Wesleyan, check out the course catalog below. Click on a course number to see details about a course. The catalog shows the requirements for the minor — you'll work with your advisor to create the perfect degree plan for you.

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Latinx Studies Minor

Minor Requirements


SOC 2390Minority Groups3 Credits
ENG 3333Writing for Social Change3 Credits

any four of the following courses

ENG 4305Centering Diversity in Adolescent Literature3 Credits
ENG 3360Hispanic Writers of the U.S.3 Credits
HIS 4340Modern Latin America3 Credits
HIS 4364Mapping Native America3 Credits
HIS 4371US-Spn Borderlands3 Credits
SPN 3311Survey of Spanish-American Literature3 Credits
SPN 3315Hispanic History & Culture3 Credits
SPN 3370Latin American Civilization & Literature3 Credits
SPN 4369Hispanic-American Literature3 Credits
PLS 3313Immigration Law3 Credits
SOC 1302Cultural Anthropology3 Credits
SOC 4323Population & Society3 Credits
SSC 2360Social Justice3 Credits
Various Other electives as approved by the School of Arts & Sciences3 Credits
Total Credit Hours: 18