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Social Justice Studies Minor

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To learn more about the Social Justice Studies Minor at Texas Wesleyan, check out the course catalog below. For more information about a course, click on the course number. The course catalog only shows the requirements for the minor, so work with your advisor to create the perfect plan for you.

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Social Justice Studies Minor

Minor Requirements


SSC 2360Social Justice3 Credits
ENG 3333Writing for Social Change3 Credits

any four of the following courses

CRJ 3319Crim Law & Justice3 Credits

POL 3319Criminal Law & Justice3 Credits
ENG 4305Centering Diversity in Adolescent Literature3 Credits
ENG 3362African American Literature3 Credits
GEG 2305Human Geography3 Credits
HIS 3346Us Between 1787-18653 Credits
HIS 4335Civil Rights3 Credits
HIS 4363Race & Gender in American Culture3 Credits
IST 2420Social Different. & Equality4 Credits
POL 3310Civil Rights: Law and Society3 Credits
POL 3316Emerging Issues in Politics3 Credits
POL 3317Political Parties & Pressure Groups3 Credits
REL 3362Religious Problems and Solutions3 Credits
REL 4342Studies in Comparative Religion3 Credits
SOC 1302Cultural Anthropology3 Credits
SOC 2390Minority Groups3 Credits
SOC 4323Population & Society3 Credits
Total Credit Hours: 18