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Drs. Simons, Bales awarded Sam Taylor Fellowship Fund for community research

10.16.2015 | By: Alison Simons

Dr. Alison Simons and Dr. Rodney Bales were recently awarded a Sam Taylor Fellowship Fund as part of their commitment to help the local community. The research begins this semester.

As part of the award, students from the Sociology and Criminal Justice Research Methods course will undertake the interviews. Other students have come forward expressing their desire to help with the research. As several students live in the area, their help will be invaluable to the project. 

With the gentrification process underway on Rosedale, Dr. Simons and Dr. Bales felt it was important to discover what the residents desired in their community. Texas Wesleyan has made a commitment to developing ties and working with our neighbors, this appeared to be an ideal opportunity to begin that process.

If you would like more information on the project please contact Dr. Alison Simons, or Dr. Rodney Bales